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Big Data Analysis a part of Curriculum in Graduate School,UAE


In the digital age, grasping and implementing technology has gained greater importance in every sphere of life. Professionals and Industrial setups also demand employees to be abreast of the latest technology and require their employees to be technologically and analytically sound. Internet-of-Things has descended on the technology sphere and is gradually taking over most of the activities including personal and leisurely activities time. Where it’s become normal for people to be in sync with computer technology in their daily life course, it’s also important to manage the data you have at hand. Industries in UAE are increasingly demanding of the state-of-the-art infrastructure in compliance with management of big data and its analysis, as data sciences are apparently becoming highly important of the things in commercial space.

According to the Workforce 2020 Report put across by Oxford economics and SAP SE Data, 88% of UAE based employers seek their workforce to be well equipped with big data management skills. As UAE gradually takes the mantel of a global smart hub, Dubai has emerged as the true smart city due to its acceptance of high-tech infrastructure and several smart initiatives implementation. This has given ample freeway to careers in coding and analytics as they are the catalysts of digitizing various industry verticals including the government, retail, healthcare, banking and finance, education, sports, etc. Technology led coding and analytics are rampantly garnering importance as career options in UAE and employers seek candidates well trained in that knowledge and treat them as assets to their enterprise. To hire skilled coders SAP is used.  But in order to manage other careers and even the career options the world isn’t aware of yet, Big Data Management will be mandatory.

Internet widens its horizon and broadens its perspective every day, leading to enormous data influx and an increasing need to store and manage data judiciously. Using the data to an organization’s benefit is being considered the most valuable thing by commercial giants as well as the authorities in the visionary city of Dubai and the whole of UAE. According to Dr. Mohammad Watfa from Wollongong University, Dubai (UOWD), “Big Data is omnipresent in the UAE” with expanding technology to store it comprehensively. It can be seen in the form of online shopping trends. The only limitation is that, skilled technical candidates are scarce. UAE in its near future will require more of technically sound workforce and Data Analysts are going to be in great demand.

Owing to this fact, UAE has realized this opportunity and offers educational courses in educating and training interested students in Big Data Management in Information Technology (IT). Universities across the Emirates are revamping their computer sciences and IT courses while addressing this new demand. Identifying the current wave of change, UOWD now offers major addition in their undergraduate and post graduate courses in computer sciences and Information Technology called Big Data Analysis and Data Mining Techniques as elective subjects. The university also plans to offer Masters and PhD programs in Advanced Big Data Analysis in order to teach better and efficient diagnostics and management of data all across the web space and simplify business process at all levels using big data to their advantage.

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