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Coding in schools- Is it too early to learn?

Facebook Debate-
Keeping it as a choice

Coding should be definitely taught in schools. The Indian Education system still believes in belonging to the roots. The curriculum should be relevant and teach about the changing times. We should not impose the syllabus rather children should be given the freedom of choosing their desirable subjects. If not for all the students, coding should be included for the interested ones. Activities like farming and agriculture also goes ignored in our curriculum. It is unbelievable how the school syllabus still follows the same old formulae of teaching.  (- Michelle Reni, UAE)

It is never too late

Coding has become a vital skill today. A child can start learning the ABCs of coding through various sites like Their interest for gaming also keeps them hooked on to it as it helps them to understand the game format. (- Ms. Harshita Nanda, Dubai)

Since it is in trend

Today everybody has a tendency to run after the things other people are running for. Coding is definitely useful but also very overhyped. This battle is more likely to affect our children mentally in the long run. We all are fighting it out to win the same prize. (- Ms. Jayadevi  Machaya  Palekanda)

Has to be the right time

Teaching to code rigorously could be harmful for the young minds. There is always a right time to do everything in life. Coding is not a child’s play and needs a developed mind to understand and adapt. This is why coding is not yet a subject in schools or college. While the skills will undoubtedly help the child to grow wiser, he or she should not be forced. The child can as well learn to code if interested after reaching a certain age and development.  Due to the advancing technology we are pushing ourselves more to jump over our own capabilities. Nonetheless, coding can be learnt later at any stage of life. Let children relish their childhood for now. (-Ms. Alia Mathur, Dubai)

The real way

If you ask me, I believe our habits should also keep up with the changing world. Children must be introduced to different computer related programs to be in sync with the developing technologies. Huge hurdles could be easily overcome in no time if we try and push ourselves in the real way. (- Mr. Jisen Raj, Dubai)

Boosts up a child’s mind

I believe coding can show children a different direction of thinking and hence, they should be taught to code. Young minds are easier to make and break. Learning to code will help them solving complicated problems logically by splitting them into a few steps. The steps may include eliminating the avoidable details, finding the faults and applying different strategies to correct it, in case the first one fails to do so. People mostly consider skills like coding to be relevant only in the field of computer technology but the benefits are beyond that. The skill could relate to our different phases of life. An individual will work with an open mind to come with the thorough analysis of a problem, serving enthusiasm and creative ideas in the workspace. (- Ms. Mehak Madaan, Dubai)

Be in charge

Internet today provides children with a wide range of information of all kinds. Too much information can also be disastrous for the young children. I strongly stand against allowing children the access to internet at an early age. My younger daughter had the access to surf internet at a very young age which led her to go hysteric and a couch potato for dumb cartoons. Whereas the elder one grew into a very poised and well behaved girl without the early access to internet. Therefore, internet access should be kept limited to the school curriculum and under great supervision. (- Ms. Tabinda Noaman)

There should be a limit

Everything taken and done in an excessive amount is harmful to us. So, it is very essential to maintain the balance. Though now it has become an impossible task to keep the children away from computers but a limit should be established. The parent may allow the necessary access for the academic objectives. (- Ms. Sadaf Adnan, Ajman)

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