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Lessons on parenting from chandrayaan Landing


1. Appreciate the process. That’s what the nation is doing today. We are seeing the hard work of ten scientists.
Parenting is similar. Focus on the process of learning of your child. Results will vary.
2. Even if you have the best brains, you will not succeed in the first attempt. ISRO has the best brains in the country. Yet they do not create success stories at every go. They try, learn, fail, re learn and then move towards success.
Childhood works the same way. Keep your expectations real from your child.
3.  Chandrayaan is not a failure. What failed is communication. This is the most important lesson. Your child is never a failure. Neither are you as a parent. What fails is communication between the two. Work on keeping that alive.
4. ISRO is hopeful of regaining communication and is working on restoring it.
Parenting works similarly. In case of breakdown of communication, try to regain it.
5. ISRO scientists today are role models of careers that were never taken seriously.
Let your children dream of the moon and beyond. Who knows they may reach it!

The Chandrayaan Landing is not a failure. It’s a step towards a bigger and brighter future.
This is the same with every failure you experience as a parent. It’s an opportunity to unlearn and relearn what your child needs. It’s an opportunity to introspect why you failed. It’s a moment to look at how to remodel your ideas and help you and your child grow in the right direction.

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