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Make Your Kids Ready -Technology Will Take Many Future Jobs


Technology is reshaping lives faster than we can imagine. If the trend continues, it is only a matter of time when we, humans, will be replaced by the hand of technology. According to Future of Jobs report shared at World Economic Forum (WEF) last year reveals a startling statistic – as many 5 million jobs are at risk across 15 economies of the world that could be rendered useless by tech. Industries like travel, insurance agents, financial advisors, small part manufacturers, architects and even journalists are likely to be replaced.

Looking at the pace at which tech is gulping down jobs, experts compare it to an industrial revolution in the making. However, what will it take to keep the children of today from losing their jobs tomorrow? With increased dependence on technology, here are some things one can do to tech-proof their future jobs.

Exchangeable Skills

Industry leaders explain that it is common for people to feel threatened by the rising involvement of technology in our lives these days. Every time a new technology is launched, it instils fear in an entire generation that they would have to go through retraining and relearning everything from the scratch. While this has been the case for many new technologies, that is not the case with Cloud. Most Cloud technologies being used these days are built on programming languages that are already known to the developers. Even the operating systems like Windows and Linux are not new to them. This makes it easier for people to transfer their skill to the new technology and grow with the industry.

Increased Need for Cybersecurity

In the world that is increasingly becoming dependent on technology, the children today can build technical skills for amplified requirement of cyber security. Popular operating systems such as Unix, in addition to highly used programming languages like Python and JavaScript. Knowing how systems work at the backend will help preserve the sanctity of ones that have not been broken into yet. Enhanced understanding of the systems can also bridge the gaps and prevent future hackings.

Students should consider languages like coding in C and C++ which is primary language in the world of programming. However, Java too has gained a lot of traction in the last few years.

Hospitality Industry

Dubai Expo 2020 will attract as many as 25 million visitors to its helm. Needless to day, this is a huge potential for the hospitality industry to level up. With the increase in technological advancements, guest expectations have also increased from the hotel industry. The educational institutions in UAE have already integrated the role of tech in hospitality industry, discussing important trends such as transition to cloud and its impact on business operations, latest apps to alter the user experience etc.

3D Printing

There is also a very promising future for 3D printing. UAE ranks 16 amongst top 20 countries with the highest talent for 3D printing and design. At the same time, construction industry has put Dubai on the architecture world map. That being said, students cannot only focus on 3D printing and design aspect if they want to be a part of emerging industries. The would also have to incorporate latest technologies in material science, study of construction methods etc.

Experts warn that academic excellence alone will not tech-proof your child’s career. They would also need hands-on experience in the said fields to gain an edge in this highly competitive world.

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