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Does Maths make you smarter?


Even today, it is a big question that how can Maths make anyone smarter? Many parents think that by studying Maths their kids become smarter as compared to other subjects. This issue has been there in everyone’s minds probably for decades. Before we leap deeper into this context, let’s redefine the term “smart”. In the terminology of Maths, it refers to one’s ability in solving calculations through alternative ways.

Promotes logical thinking

A very great Mathematician Pluto had once said that he had never seen a mathematician who was capable of reasoning. From the statement, it clearly indicates that studying Maths might make anyone a critical thinker but does it enhances the logical reasoning? It remains a psychological question to us till date. The famous “Four Card Problem Test” of Mr. Peter Wason describes the logical ability of an individual. In this test, four cards are laid down and each of the cards has one number on one side and a coloured patch on the other side. The visible faces of the cards show number 1, 2, red and yellow. A person is asked to flip the card in such a way that if an even number appears on one face, then red appears at its opposite face. The logic behind Wason’s theory is that a person who instantly picks an even numbered card should check all the cards. 

Lifelong Benefits

An American economist, Joshua Goodman in his report “Nation at Risk”, 1983 reported that American students generally follow a less hard program in comparison to the students of different countries. In his report, he concluded that the students who studied Maths were able to get the jobs which required quantitative skills.   

Clancy Blair, a professor of psychology at New York University says that “The students who hold the ability in solving mathematical calculations are able to improve their problem-solving skill, behaviour and they become more focused.” 

Many types of research have concluded that studying Mathematics tends to improve the cognitive skills which are linked with the pre-frontal cortex part of the brain. Thus by solving maths, the functioning of the brain gets improved and it determines the capacity of a person to earn more money and create stable relationships.  

Significance of Maths

Since many types of research have been done by great scholars which concludes that Mathematics enhances the power of spatial thinking, creative thinking and the ability to solve problems.  Hence it is the major reason that many deemed universities across the world recognise Maths as a neutral subject and offer it along with a combination of other courses. Your child can study Mathematics and History or English.   When the era of today demands for innovation, then Mathematics is one subject through which anyone has the ability to create things. Irrespective of the fact that whether your child becomes an engineer, designer, architect, banker or software developer, he will require Maths to improvise his creative ability. So it is advisable to not take it a subject for gaining marks but to embrace because of its lifelong impact.  

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