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Parents should stop worrying about social media platforms


The decade has changed a lot of things and has made your kids more smartphone savvy. Several editors have written about how smartphones are indulging kids in the more depressive side. If we adhere by the law of Newton that states, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Its meaning in reference to this issue suggests that even by putting your child away from the clutches of a smartphone, he will resist to get it back. On the other side, if your child’s free space is getting hampered then you should probably look into the matter and guide him on how to work in life.

Be friendly to him

In present-day, where the smartphone is the need of every child, then restricting your child’s liberty to access phones is not the right solution. As a parent, even if you didn’t give the green-signal to your child’s choices, he will accomplish it due to his resisting nature. Even in the worst condition, if you think of raising a hand towards him it will frame as an intolerant and sceptical parent.  So, if you want to get close to him, then try to create a cordial bond so you can discuss the concerning issues happening in his life.  

Positive aspects of smartphones   

If he uses the social media portal to share knowledge, upload videos for YouTube then take it as a positive sign because his motive is to share and connect with the audience.  The foremost thing is to look what your child wants to share because this will articulate you about his aim in using the social media site. If he uses the platform to upload creative videos then he might be different from that child who uses it for shallow motives.

It is true fact that social media sites can impart informative and relevant knowledge to your kids but then it also puts the assumption that what content he has been seeing and the impact of content over his life. Someone great has said that the technology of today is the gift to access to those areas which remained aloof to the people of past. Instead of seeing the negative impact of technology, think of its positive side and how it assist your child in attaining an ample amount of good content.

Hardworking Efforts Made

Don’t let negative impact disguise over the positive side of social media sites. It is heartening to see the efforts made by the Centre of Human Technology in enabling the technology to work more the people in a better way. The effect of this organisation in empowering the users to retrieve their focus on better things are the most promising developments made by them.  

Look at this way, despite there is a high number of social media users not all of them have gone on the wrong track. So, the need for you is to guide your child so that he can refrain himself from the negative impacts. 

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