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How to robot proof your career?


With the advancement in science and technology, automation is on the verge of replacing human based work in many fields. It is believed that the coming era of automated services can impact blue and white collars jobs that will lead to the generation of high unemployment. 

But according to researchers, there will be a creation of jobs like in data analysing, machine learning, robotics, and block-chain learning. For an assumption, a mechanical engineering graduate can find scarce jobs due to the high-demand in CAD and 3D printing.

The report of McKinsey Global Institute claims that the automation will take away the jobs of 800 million global workers by 2030. So, there is an increasing need for the young generation to make careers in those fields which will have minimal risks.

First build the foundation

The basic need for surviving in the age of AI is to build the basic learning blocks towards cognitive skills like reading, writing and understanding the concepts of algorithms. It is very much clear that the jobs of low-skilled workers are likely to get displace by robots so only by attaining education relevant in AI you can roll up your career. Despite the fact that automated machines will do most of the work, but cognitive skills are required for the successful functioning of a capitalist society.  

Gain digital literacy  

In pursuit of a safe career, choose one more field along with your current education that can fetch you many more jobs instead of one. Even after completing the post-graduation, most of the people look out for the selected job profiles like HR, finance, business developer and few more. So start researching about different sectors where you can gain employment. The growth of digitalization has given birth too many digital fields like data mining, data analysis, database administrator, data-architect, data-engineer and many more. Students who are planning to make their careers digital field should try to gain high digital aptitude and exhibit their liking towards the digital transformation because it can lead better opportunities.

Ten years down the lane, AI will become the major sector of giving jobs.

Focus on creativity

Remember that the basic humane attitudes like intuition, love, and imagination can only be provided by humans, not by robots. So, don’t let fear of automation dominate over you. Think about alternate ways of how you might incorporate AI in your current function.

It is true that automated machines use the logical medium in solving many problems but the imagination possessed by the human brain is something that robots don’t have. The blend of human’s creativity along with automated skills can result in yielding better produce. Stian Westlake, head of policy and research at (Nesta, the U.K. charity), says “It’s good to invest in creative education because these are some of the skills that should be left [after automation].”


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