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The Way to achieve STEM success


STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths has always been vital pillars of our economic prosperity. But unfortunately children are becoming afraid of these subjects. Here are few ways to motivate your child to become a STEM lover to serve in a well-paying field.

Open their minds

Jane Whitby, the founding Principal Of Newlands School says, a scientific enquiry can be developed into children from a tender age by talking to them about everyday things like food, weather, insects, flowers and plants. Let them play and interact with everything under their reach. Ordinary household items like straw, paint, glue and paper which also takes care of their artistic bent of mind also provides the first step of loving STEM projects. You know you can sow a seed of STEM if you see your children playing with the wrapping paper and boxes rather than the toys packed inside them. 

Question and Answer

Develop a curiosity in their minds about the world. Parents should ask them questions related to nature and the ways of the world, how everything works and how! Learning from challenges and failure to exploring the unknown and taking risks would be a better lesson in their lives rather than a memorized answer. Talks about a simple way to grab their attention towards STEM. He suggests to start cooking with them. The cooking sessions will help the children to learn practically about different concepts like weight, capacity, timing and ingredients. This could be their first step towards STEM education.

Shapes to shape

Shapes can also be a way to shape your young one’s interest in STEM. Take them to a grocery store and leave them free to wonder about different shapes like squares, circles and rectangles. Discussing with the children about these shapes and sizes can help them to solve puzzles in mind, providing a better understanding of various mathematical concepts and they can reach to different conclusions.

Money for Maths

The best way to teach children practically about Math is through talking to them about money matters. The real-life experience will stimulate their young minds better than the arithmetic in school. One of the best ways to do so is by shopping. The activity is not only fun but also gives the children an insight of the importance of money to the society.Jane Whitby, the founding Principal Of Newlands School  shares that he gave his nine year old money to buy a product from three different shops. Surprising the child came back home compared the prices and bought from the shop giving it away at the least price. This was the day when Whitby’s son developed an understanding and value for money which led him to become an entrepreneur later on.


The knowledge gained while playing is every child’s best learning experience. They indulge extensively in STEM by playing with many STEM-friendly toys which are available in the market. Toys like Brainteasers and building blocks stimulate the creativity as well as complex thinking abilities in their minds. The first tiny step to learn about Debugging and Coding could be playing with algorithmically controlled robots, drones and science kits. Samuel Holliday Head teacher of Kings School also adds that every other has some or the other aspect through a child can think critically. Whitby mentions that engineering skills could be developed in children by activities like building blocks.

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